Thursday, October 8, 2009

Facebook knows everything , even if we are happy.

How can Facebook know if we are happy or not? This is something that I questioned , but the key is a simple indicator that Facebook implemented in the state bar that
says: What are you thinking about? .

With this method, each word that users write is analyzed. For example: enjoying , great , terrible , stressing are key words. Facebook has first experimented with United States'population in english ; obtaining very interesting results and realizing that people is generally happier in holidays. Facebook is thinking of expanding these experiments in other languages and countries as well.

Would you consider this measuring technique as valid? Would you trust on these results?

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  1. Hola Hugo! que bien que ya tienes tu blog. Gracias por colaborar. Esta es la idea: utilizar esta herramienta para el intercambio educativo. Estoy segura que podremos aportar mucho desde esta perspectiva de la web 2.0 en la educación.