Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas meaning!!! Do you really follow it??

By: Denisse Lopez

The truly significance of Christmas should be focus on the solidarity and generosity from the people. Now days Christmas has become a commercial issue that is affecting the real meaning of it. During this month people have got used to buy any kind of material stuff. This is not the real meaning and we are not education our family to a positive life, instead we are showing them that Christmas is about gifts.
Otherwise there are some poor kids that are expecting to be rewarded for something the they did not deserve. We need to learn that Christmas is more related to share moments and values, not exchange moments vs gifts. Sometimes you need to earn this, but it is very difficul to teach this.
However apart from spending time with the ones you love, we need to analyze ourselves, need to know the things that we have done wrong and right, we need to be humble in life, but the most important we need to understand the purpose of life.


  1. My opinion is that I agree with you miss denise because the christmas is a time to be with all your family and be honest, responsable, kind and great with others to be appreciated by others.
    Christmas is a good time because jesus born and is a time you can change.

  2. I think you are completely right, Christmas should be more than a season for shops to increase their sales but to spend time with your family remembering God.