Monday, December 14, 2009

the gun war

this is so bad because the teenagers made a team battle and some people get harm by a bulet.or you can hurt somebody by accident and had a lot of problems but some people use this to stell the persons or banks becuse it looks real and you can be affraid because you dont see the difference beetween the fake gun and a real so you had to be alert to anything.


  1. It was very nice, I like it because it says the bad that the guns are for people and for your health.
    I like it and i will recommend that you have to be a peaceful person and don`t let the oders convince you.

  2. Good topic , War is very modern and is the cause of several disasters around the world

  3. Gun wars is a good topic to discuss. Now there are toys representing those powerfull weapons, so what happens if one day a kid find a gun from his father and he doesnt know its real? He shoots and the what? he maybe kill someone, or even kill himself.
    Really good article.