Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Daniela Maria Bejar Apolo was born in may, 4 of 1995, she studies in Logos, in 10th B.

She is my best friend because:

*We sign our cards with letters BFF
*She've got a million ways to make me laugh
*It's so good to have her around
*She knows the secrects I could never tell
*When Im quiet she breaks through my shell
*She keeps my feet on the ground
*She's a true friend
*She's here till the end
*She pulls me aside when somethin aint right, Talks with me now and into the night 'till its alright again
*She doesn't get angry when I change the plans
*She wont say "I told you" when Im wrong again
*She hangs on through the ups and the downs

**I'm so lucky that I found a true friend like her**

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