Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recipe For Friendship*

What determines friendship? What ingredients are necessary for a true friendship to hold forth? Is it someone who calls you on the phone a few times a week? Or someone who goes for morning runs with you? How about someone you share a meal with once a week or go to church with on Sundays? Is it someone who listens to you, cries with you, laughs with you? Or is it someone who goes shopping with you on Saturdays? I have “friends" I do all of the above with my friends But, are these things what determine a recipe for friendship? Are they what bind a friendship into solidity? Yes and no. Yes, they are partial ingredients but they are not the “glue" that hold a friendship through the years. The glue through the years of gladness and joy but also sadness and pain.


Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow

Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above

Dissolve the hate within you
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need

Stir in laughter, love, and kindness
From the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some

The amount of people served
Will depend on you
It can serve the whole wide world
If you really want it to

Another Recipe For Friendship


2 heaping measures of trust
2 well rounded scoops of respect
2 generous portions of affection
2 equal amounts of sharing

BY DaniiBejar*

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